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24th July-29th July 2017

'Can't paint? Come and be proved wrong'
Jacky Hopkins.

2018 Course listing coming soon.

Monday 24th to Wednesday 26th July

Through the use of different techniques using watercolour i.e. sponging, splattering paint with a tooth brush, blowing paint through a straw etc. you will discover the nature of watercolour painting. With guidance and encouragement, you will be surprised at what you can achieve. Watercolour does not have to be a daunting medium and you will be painting masterpieces before you know it! Have fun and learn how to paint. You will be amazed at what you can produce in a very short time.
Can't Paint JACKY HOPKINS attended Banbury College of Art and Design as a mature student, and went on to develop her own style using watercolour. She combines different techniques to create images inspired by the surrounding countryside. Jacky works with watercolour and loves the fact that one is never in total control. She enjoys being part of many exhibitions and her work has been featured on Channel 5.


Course Cost for 3 days 123.
Non Refundable Deposit 50.