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SUMMER SCHOOL 2017 July 24th to July 29th
New Courses for 2017
Colours collagraph Words Freehand Watercolour gelli Sketchbook
Collecting colours
Explore techniques for capturing natural colours on cloth and paper, bringing colour, mark and hand stitch together.
Collagraph printing
Collography is an exciting and surprisingly accessible printmaking technique, involving creating a textured surface, applying ink to it and then taking a print from it.
A way with words
This two-day course will offer the space and stimulation to be creative with words in a relaxed and supportive setting.
Freehand creative lettering
Christine will introduce you to some simple techniques to get you started on producing your own distinctive designs.
Contemporary and abstract watercolour
Experiment and move on with watercolour wherever you're starting from, beginner, a rusty returner or a experienced painter.
Mono printing gelli and gelatine plates
No prior experience necessary so come and try this low-tech, non toxic form of printmaking that requires no press and uses waterbased paints and inks.
What shall I do with my sketchbook?
On this course you will work from your sketchbooks or that collection of notes and photos you always wanted to do something with, extracting and abstracting from your observations to create more finished work.
mosaic Abstract Oil Scratch Oil shadows Wood engraving handmade books Enamellingy
Creative Mosaic
Enjoy five blissful days of mosaic! Create your own masterpiece using beautiful glass and ceramic tiles. Potential projects include a decorative panel, mirror frame, splash back or small table top.
Abstract Impressions
Using a framework of ideas such as simplification, fragmentation, colour, scale & mark making, we will work through a process of taking a realistic starting point and creating an abstracted interpretation of it
Oil painting from scratch
TThis course is suitable for absolute beginners whether you are uncertain of your drawing skills or terrified of oilpainting - because oil painting is actually surprisingly easy!
Oil Painting-shadows and reflections
This is a course for those who have done any basic beginner oil painting course, including 'Oil painting from scratch' on the previous two days.
Introduction to wood engraving
Wood engravings are relief prints, often of great detail and precision. They were the common method for book illustration throughout the nineteenth century.
Creative handmade books
This course is for anyone who likes working with papers and wants to make their own books from scratch.
A passion for enamelling
Students will learn the 'secrets' of enamelling and recognise the characteristics of opaque and transparent enamels both under- and over-fired.
willow bark basketry Miniature books Landscape Leaf, Twig and tree glitters Felt wearable Bookcovers
Willow bark basketry
This course is for all who want to enjoy the pleasure of harvesting and working with willow bark, each student progressing from their own individual skill level.
Miniature books
On this short course you will learn several simple basic folds that, with a minimum of cutting and gluing, make into different structures, all of which can become unusual miniature books.
Landscape-land, lines and textures
Through intuitive experimentation in response to personal landscape themes, you will develop skills in composition, working with abstraction and simplification to create an impressionistic sense of place.
Leaf, twig and tree
This year's summer school will be based on the theme of woodland, forests and all things tree related. The wonderful rough textures of bark and the endless variety of natural colours and leaf patterns will inspire and inform our samples.
All that glitters...
Using manuscripts as our starting point we will create our own version in mixed media and stitch. Finished pieces have been popular to mark births, birthdays and special anniversaries.
Felt wearable
Have fun at a friendly workshop learning how to make unique felted accessories.
Textured fabric bookcovers
On this course you will create your own unique fabric using a combination of fibres, threads and a variety of fine gauzy materials.
Rag rugging Soft sculpture Felted landscapes Chicago
Rag rugging
Rag rugging is a lovely way of using up fabrics that may have been discarded, to make an attractive and useful item.
Exploring soft sculpture
Develop and explore ideas to create exciting sculptural forms, by moulding, manipulating and sculpting malleable materials such as, cloth, plastics, paper, wire and wood.
Felted landscapes
Taking the rural environment as our inspiration, we will explore texture, colour and form to create contemplative and ethereal felted wall pieces.
Singalong showstopper -Chicago!
For two days we head to back to the 1920s for a bit of murder, greed, corruption,exploitation and treachery and yes, you read that right!.
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