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24th July-29th July 2017

'Pulp painting'
Jonathan Korejko.

2018 Course listing coming soon.

Thursday 27th to Saturday 29th July
Following on from the launch of this course in 2016, this programme will take students back to basics: paper fibres will be our painting medium! We'll learn how to make handmade papers with coloured pulp to create patterns, designs, and figurative paintings. The pulp is a resilient, brilliant material for the creation of pictures, patterns and designs. The colourful results can also be used in a variety of projects including book binding, sewing, wall hangings, and card making. We will learn about different tools and techniques, cut stencils, pour pulp, and apply pulp with pipettes and syringes to design fantastic pieces of personalised paper dimensional objects which will transform your appreciation of paper and the pulp within it.
There will be a materials charge of 11.
Pulp Painting JONATHAN KOREJKO is a freelance papermaker and artist. He travels all over the UK running workshops, exhibiting and selling his paper in a variety of venues, including schools, museums, RHS gardens, National Trust properties, Botanic Gardens, colleges, day centres, craft fairs/trade fairs, and Literature Festivals. He works with all age groups and ability levels, and has developed special tools and equipment to make it possible for everyone to produce good results.


Course Cost for 3 days 123.
Non Refundable Deposit 50.