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24th July-29th July 2017

'Exploring soft sculpture'
Lis Mann.

2018 Course listing coming soon.

Tuesday 25th to Friday 29th July
Develop and explore ideas to create exciting sculptural forms, by moulding, manipulating and sculpting malleable materials such as, cloth, plastics, paper, wire and wood. You will be able to incorporate found objects, stitching, weaving, knitting, wrapping etc. The outcomes of this experimentation with materials and techniques will be relief or 3D pieces of your choice, which could be anything from hangings with relief attachments, vessels, containers, jewellery, dolls, abstract forms or fantastical creatures. With instructive handouts, demonstrations and examples, you will have fun whilst finding your own artistic direction and exploring your creative processes. The course is suitable for all abilities.
If using mainly Lis's materials there will be a charge of 6.
Soft Sculpture LIS MANN is an exhibiting artist, who has a diploma in Textiles and a BA(Hons) and MA in Fine Art. She taught City and Guilds for many years and now tutors creative workshops in numerous subjects and skills for all abilities. Lis is a prolific exhibiting artist who works in a variety of media. Her work is in collections worldwide and her aim is to encourage creativity and confidence in others.


Course Cost for 4 days 164.
Non Refundable Deposit 50.