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July 24th to July 29th
Textile Based Courses
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Landscape Leaf twig tree Glitters felt wearable
Landscape - land, lines and textures New
Through intuitive experimentation in response to personal landscape themes, you will develop skills in composition, working with abstraction and simplification to create an impressionistic sense of place.
Leaf, twig and tree New
This year's summer school will be based on the theme of woodland, forests and all things tree related. The wonderful rough textures of bark and the endless variety of natural colours and leaf patterns will inspire and inform our samples.
All that glitters...New
Using manuscripts as our starting point we will create our own version in mixed media and stitch. Finished pieces have been popular to mark births, birthdays and special anniversaries.
Felt wearable New
Have fun at a friendly workshop learning how to make unique felted accessories. A new pattern or technique will be introduced each day and we will use a variety of fibres to make beads in all shapes and sizes from tiny and exquisite to bold statement pieces.
Bookcovers Rag Rugging Soft sculpture Felted landscapes
Textured fabric bookcoversNew
On this course you will create your own unique fabric using a combination of fibres, threads and a variety of fine gauzy materials.
Rag rugging New
Rag rugging is a lovely way of using up fabrics that may have been discarded, to make an attractive and useful item.The traditional technique of rag rugging using a hook and strips of fabric is easy to learn.
Exploring soft sculpture New
Develop and explore ideas to create exciting sculptural forms, by moulding, manipulating and sculpting malleable materials such as, cloth, plastics, paper, wire and wood. You will be able to incorporate found objects, stitching, weaving, knitting, wrapping etc.
Felted landscapes new
Taking the rural environment as our inspiration, we will explore texture, colour and form to create contemplative and ethereal felted wall pieces.
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