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30th July - 4th August
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Two Dimensional Courses
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chinesebirds chineselandscape oiltrees Oil Camera papertextiles Papermaster
Chinese painting - birds and flowers
Maggie will demonstrate traditional Chinese flower and bird painting.
Chinese painting
Animals in the landscape
Landscape is an important subject in Chinese painting and is surrounded by symbolism.
Oil painting
trees and sky
You can tackle landscape very confidently if you enjoy painting trees and skies. We'll explore different techniques to paint a variety of trees.
Oil Painting
Camera to canvas
Paint a landscape in oils from your own photographs in 3 days. For not-quite beginners and intermediate oil painters.
Papermaking with textiles New
This is all about papermaking for people who love textiles and want to expand into new areas.
Papermaking masterclass New
This course is an opportunity for previous participants, as well as those enrolled on this year's three-day course to extend their skill levels and learn how to create larger scale and more ambitious works in paper
stainedglass watercolour mixedmedia Mosaic botanical composition
Stained Glass Design
The first day is spent refreshing and learning new skills. Beginners work on a simple exercise and make a small leaded panel. Students then go on to develop their own ideas for a design.
Abstract watercolour
Learn how to compose abstract watercolours directly from your immediate environment. The course is suitable for beginners, rusty returners and experienced painters.
Journey through mixed media
This course is experimental and encourages you to explore the possibilities of combining different surfaces and media, sampling a variety of techniques with guidance.
Creative Mosaic
Enjoy five blissful days of mosaic! Create your own masterpiece using beautiful glass and ceramic tiles. Potential projects include a decorative panel, mirror frame, splash back or small table top.
Botanical illustration
This five day course in Botanical Illustration aims to enhance skills in observing and recording plant form, colour, structure, and detail. Structured to suit beginners, as well as more experienced students.
Composition and Colour
for painters
This in depth course is for students who are familiar with the basics of colour mixing, but who want to 'up their game' and make better use of colour in their compositions.
India getready wood Anatomy Experimental Abstraction
Out of India
The Indian Subcontinent is a rich source of inspiration for both imagery and colour.Through a range of media you will be encouraged to develop a personal response
Get Ready for watercolour!
Through the use of different techniques using watercolour i.e. sponging, spattering paint with a toothbrush, blowing paint through a straw etc. you will discover the nature of watercolour painting.
Introduction to wood engraving
Wood engravings are relief prints, often of great detail and precision. They were the common method for book illustration throughout the nineteenth century.
Anatomy for artists New
Through practical exercises, supplemented by a series of mini-lectures, this course provides you with a portfolio of anatomical knowledge that you can take away and use in your own art
Experimental Drawing
A three day course for anyone wishing to extend their drawing vocabulary. We will work through a series of exercises designed to explore different methods and approaches.
Towards abstraction New
This workshop is about exploring different routes to abstraction and seeing where they take you. Lots of demos, exercises and ideas to get you started
linocutting screenprint Gelli Words Papercutting Papercloth
Exploring linocutting and printing
This will be a lively, friendly introduction to lino cutting and printing. You will learn about the papers, inks and tools used.
Screen Printing New
During this workshop you will learn how to select suitable images and reference materials; how to use a squeegee to push ink through a screen; creating images using cut or ripped stencils and the use of layering to produce instant, bold prints.
Mono printing gelli and gelatine plates
No prior experience necessary so come and try this low-tech, non toxic form of printmaking that requires no press and uses waterbased paints and inks.
A way with words
This two-day course will offer the space and stimulation to be creative with words in a relaxed and supportive setting.
Creative papercutting
This course will introduce you to a variety of cut out items to show just how versatile this craft is. You will learn the basic skills and lots of top tips
Mixed media papercloth New
On day one we will make sheets of paper-cloth by laminating decorative, recycled and tissue papers onto muslin. Once they are dry we will decorate them using paints, inks, printing and stamping techniques.
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