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30th July - 4th August
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Three Dimensional Courses.
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Bookbinding silverjewellery Basketry Metal Clay
Bookbinding New
This course is suitable for anyone who would like to make their own blank sketchbooks, notebooks and gift books.
Silver jewellery
An opportunity to learn traditional jewellery techniques such as saw piercing, soldering and polishing so that you can develop your own ideas into beautiful pieces of jewellery.
Willow bark basketry
This course is for all who want to enjoy the pleasure of harvesting and working with willow bark, each student progressing from their own individual skill level.
Intoduction to precious metal clay
Within this three day introductory course you will learn how to work with all types of precious metal clay - lump, syringe, paste and paper.
podforms Miniature Polymer clay
Twined pod forms New
I will teach the technique of twining to enable the making of small textured woven pods. Twining involves the weaving of two threads using the fingertips, whilst the form is held in the hands.
Art in Miniature New
Love to create but hate the clutter? Everything you do in this course fits into its own shoe box. We will start by making an ingenious model theatre.
Polymer Clay
beads, buttons and jewellery

During the two days you will learn to manipulate the material and combine colours to make beads, pendants and buttons.
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For your art supplies contact artway.co.uk.