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30th July - 4th August
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'Felted landscapes'
Valérie Wartelle.

This course has had to be cancelled.
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Monday 30th July to Wednesday 1st August

Taking the rural environment as our inspiration, we will explore texture, colour and form to create contemplative and ethereal felted wall pieces. Showing a contemporary approach to the traditional craft technique of wet felting, I will take you through the creative steps and techniques I use when creating my own artwork. We will first start by exploring how marks and textures can be made using felting, which will help plan your main artwork. You will next work from your chosen starting point such as a photograph, sketch, collage, etc to inspire your piece. Gradually you will develop your composition in fine layers, applying wool fibres, silk threads and fabrics inserts as you would paint.
A list of equipment and materials required will be provided for students to bring with them or pre-order to purchase.
Felted landscapes VALÉRIE WARTELLE is an award winning fibre artist whose main fascination lies within the manipulation of fibres and textiles as an expressive art form. Brought up in France and French Polynesia, Valérie originally came to the UK to study textile design, and pursued a career in the fashion industry for many years. In recent years she returned to her first love of textiles; she is now a widely exhibited artist working and living in West Yorkshire.


Course Cost for 3 days £ 129.
Non Refundable Deposit £50.