Autumn 2018

Saturday 17th - Sunday 18th November

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'Fabric and Paper Beads'
Caroline Marriott.

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Saturday 17th Sunday 18th November

Using a wide variety of paper and fabrics you will learn different ways of constructing beautiful beads. Through rolling and wrapping, embellishing and stitching you will create your own unique beads. These handmade beads can be used on their own or combined with other types of beads to make necklaces and earrings.
Materials available to buy from Caroline if needed.
Mixed media Caroline started her textile career crocheting little stripey jumpers for fellow students at University. She went on to do a teacher training course and for many years combined working in school with developing her own work. She enjoys working in a variety of different textile mediums, making fabric beads has been a natural progression from experimenting in these various techniques.


Course Cost for 2 days 86.
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