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29th July - 3rd August
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'Immersed in Patchwork'
Christine Green.
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Monday 29th July to Thursday 1st August

Immerse yourself in all things patchwork and master several different techniques. On day one we'll get back to basics and master template patchwork, cutting out templates; covering them and joining together. You'll make either a star or a ball. On day two we'll tackle foundation patchwork; patching and stitching on to a base fabric and maybe adding some hand embellishment. You could complete a glasses or phone case.On days three and four we'll explore a liberating, creative form of patchwork inspired by the quilts of Gees Bend - a back to basics approach, recycling and making do with what you have, no fat quarters or jelly rolls! You could complete a cushion or two or start a larger project. Whatever you decide it will be unique to you.
Immersed in Patchwork CHRISTINE GREEN has been stitching patchwork since she was a child and has made numerous quits and pieced items. She loves playing with fabric and combining colour and pattern and texture. She doesn't stress about the technicalities which some associate with patchworking (perfect edges and corners!), concentrating instead on the fun, creative, aesthetic which patchwork offers, making unique beautiful pieces.


Course Cost for 4 days £ 180
Non Refundable Deposit £ 50.