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29th July - 3rd August
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Textile based Courses
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patchwork backgrounds leaftwig rags
Immersed in patchwork
Immerse yourself in all things patchwork and master several different techniques. On day one we'll get back to basics and master template patchwork, cutting out templates; covering them and joining together.
Blues, browns & bleached backgrounds New
Evolving from the landscape of the beach and the shells and pebbles found there we will begin the week indigo dyeing natural fabrics and thread.
Leaf, twig and tree
This year's course will be based on the theme of woodland, forests and all things tree related.
Rags to richesNew
Rag rugging is a lovely way of recycling used and discarded fabrics and turning them into something beautiful. We will start by making samples using the two most frequently used techniques.
Batik sea shore felted Elephant
Trees, an exploration through Batik New
We will use the technique of batik (hot wax resist) to create pieces of work inspired by trees - the structure, leaves, shape, seasons and topiary - maybe even family trees!
Sea and Shoreline
Stretch your creative imagination on a course designed for those with machine embroidery skills who wish to develop confidence in handling colour, texture and line.
Felted Landscapes
Taking the rural environment as our inspiration, we will explore texture, colour and form to create contemplative and ethereal felted wall pieces.
3D fabric Indian Elephant New
It all starts with you making your own large textile elephant sculpture. Then, after an introduction to dry needle felting, you'll go on to decorate the elephant and its wool blanket.
adventure Dye it
Bags of adventure New
Basic patterns and rag bags will be provided so all you need to bring is a sewing machine, curiosity and enthusiasm.
Dye,it felt it, wear it New
Come and have fun at a friendly workshop and learn an easy way to dye wool and silk fibres using non toxic dyes.
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For your art supplies contact artway.co.uk.