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27th July - 1st August
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Textile based Courses
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patchwork backgrounds leaftwig rags
All that Glitters New
Create your own Medieval Illuminated Manuscript panel! Using mixed media and stitch, we'll use wooden printing blocks, fonts, bronzing powders, paint, fimo and metal shim.
What if ...less is moreNew
Working within the restraints of simple materials and limited colour combinations let work grow and unfold in an exploratory workshop creating subtle and dynamic surfaces to stitch and work with mixed media.
Garden to Jungle New
The theme this year is inspired by the chaos of wild growing things - like the garden that turns into a jungle while you're on holiday! Students will study artists like Rousseau and Klimt to gain inspiration.
Shadows & reflection in Batik New
Using the designs nature creates we will explore the exciting marks and effects created by using different types of resist Batik (hot wax), brushable wax resist, oil pastels, candles, and stencils.
Batik sea shore felted
Peg Looms & Weaving Sticks
Peg looms and weaving sticks are two simple types of loom but they are also very versatile. You can make big chunky mats on a peg loom but also produce quite fine, decorative work.
Eco-Print Dyeing New
Eco-print dyeing is a fascinating way of printing onto fabric. Using flowers and leaves from gardens and countryside, this is a direct contact printing method that allows the flora and foliage to give up their colours and patterns.
Bags of Adventure
This course is rather like an adventure! We go treasure hunting: burrowing deep into rag bags, unearthing raw materials and focusing on the versatility and timeless appeal of denim!
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