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Saturday September 11th to Sunday September 12th
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'Peg looms and weaving sticks'
Caroline Marriott
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Saturday 11th September to Sunday 12th September

Peg looms and weaving sticks are two simple types of loom but they are also very versatile. You can make big chunky mats on a peg loom but also produce quite fine, decorative work incorporating the weaving techniques used on more traditional looms. Students will start by making a bag while learning about the warp and weft and trying out a variety of materials. Later they will learn to make patterns and pictures using hatching and shading. It is possible to make all kinds of shapes on these looms, circles, triangles and tubes and weaving is quite fast. Students can expect to complete 2 or 3 items.
The tutor will bring looms for students to use on the course. She will also bring a range of materials for sale. A materials list will be sent out to students.
lino CAROLINE MARRIOTT started her textile career crotcheting stripey jumpers for fellow students at university. She went on to do a teacher training course and for many years combined working in school with developing her own work. She enjoys playing with colour and uses stitch, weaving and rag rugging in her work. All of these involve the use of a wide variety of materials and a very large palette.

Course Cost for weekend £ 118
Non Refundable Deposit £ 75.