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Saturday September 11th to Sunday September 12th
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'Folded Secrets'
Ruth Smith
This course is fully booked but waiting list available.
Contact Gemma Wheeler on 07732 336377 for possible availability.

Saturday 11th September to Sunday 12th September

The projects are inspired by an intriguing Chinese Folk-Art tradition. These folded paper books contain beautifully decorated 3D compartments, cloth covers and a wraparound cord. You can choose to make one of two versions. 1: New to my courses? Make a Folded Secrets Keepsake Book with 15 opening compartments. The construction is simpler than option 2. but the opportunity to decorate it is just as much fun. 2: Folded Secrets Folk-Art Book. A chunky, richly decorated type with 11 compartments, pages, and a distinctive red cloth cover with tassels. Traditionally both examples are decorated inside with flowers, birds, figures, and stylised motifs. A requirements list and cutting layout are provided before the workshop so that you come with the paper cut ready for folding.
There will be a materials cost from £10 to £15 per student.
singalong RUTH SMITH has a special interest in the traditional textile crafts of the minority Miao and Dong peoples of remote SW China. An enthusiastic and experienced tutor she is obsessed with making books inspired by the little-known tradition of ‘zhen xian bao’, sadly in decline. She has written several books which celebrate stitch and unusual book structures and loves to share and pass on these craft skills.

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Course Cost for weekend £ 118
Non Refundable Deposit £ 75.