Oxford Summer School

In a landscape, what if…

Monday 8th August for 5 days — Cost: £260

Tutor: Amanda Hislop

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Working within the restraints of simple materials and limited colour combinations guided by the experience of landscape, let work grow and unfold in an exploratory course. Take time to create dynamic surfaces to manipulate, work with thread, stitch, and mixed media in response to personal landscapes in a course designed to explore the challenge of intuitive experimentation and the extension of creative boundaries.

Taking landscape observations as a starting point for the development of imaginative outcomes to evoke the experience of being outside in a landscape. Draw on experiences of being in the landscape, be it at a slow walking pace, glimpses through a car or train window or simply sitting in a quiet place and absorbing the view. Landscape has become even more integral to life over recent times, with walking thoughts a means to unravel and make sense of restrictions imposed, a reflection on a simpler slower life. Observe and take inspiration from the distinctive colours textures and forms found in your landscape.

Transform and manipulate paper, cloth, and thread into layered surfaces to work with hand or machine stitch. Take time to let the work unfold; add layers of restricted colour combinations revealing subtle and surprising effects. What would happen if the surface were further developed by folding, fragmenting, rearranging, inserting further stitch; follow your own creative pathway to inspire imaginative outcomes. Enjoy the freedom to develop a collection of paper fabric and mixed media pieces, exploring personal landscape themes in line colour and texture; you have the choice to work with hand or machine stitch or a combination of both. Amanda will guide you through intuitive development of your work with the support of inspirational resources in the form of personal sketchbooks and examples of her work.

Materials Costs to Students

£7 to cover materials cost.

A packet of materials for each student containing tea bag paper; lens tissue; muslin scrim; plasterers scrim; tissue paper; A3 cartridge paper for design work and paper layered folded form.

  • Small bags of papers and fabric scraps
  • Acrylic paint
  • PVA glue and spreaders
  • CMC thickener glue/ cellulose paste
  • Neutral threads for stitch and layering in surfaces
  • Box of drawing tools, plastic cards etc.
  • < Water pots, paint palettes

Students to bring-

A sewing machine is optional; you may wish to work at a slower quieter pace using hand stitch only or combine hand stitch with free machine work, the choice is yours.

Please note acrylic paint will be supplied for student use, if you wish to bring your own due to current circumstances please do.

  • Workbook/sketchbook for ideas and development
  • A piece of muslin, unbleached or white, no more than 1 metre
  • A piece of calico or similar cotton fabric no more than 1 metre
  • Sewing machine with drop feed and embroidery foot for free machine work- this is optional, see above
  • Hand and machine stitch threads in personal selection of colours- remember less is more
  • Basic sewing kit, scissors, needles, pins etc.
  • Brushes for use with ‘washes’ of acrylic paint, a number 12 round holds a good amount of paint. A brush suitable for use with glue and paste, for example a 1” bristle brush
  • Drawing materials including fine permanent pens
  • Apron/overall