Oxford Summer School

Simple Frame Basket​

Monday 8th August for 1 day — Cost: £52

Tutor: Richard Kerwood

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The course assumes the student is a beginner and starts with a Health and Safety briefing and an explanation of the tools and how to use them.

The rim ring is fitted inside the handle ring at right angles to it and then the student is shown how tie the rings at both ends with willow. Weaving from both ends to the middle of the basket is commenced with 2 weavers used at each end before introducing the first 4 ribs. 2 more weavers are added at each end before the next 4 ribs are fitted. Followed by 2 more at each end before packing is demonstrated. Pre-bending the willow is demonstrated before the middle of the basket is reached. At some point the art of ring making is demonstrated and the students given the opportunity to make a set of rings for their next basket.

Materials Costs to Students

All Tools provided, Frame basket materials £5.