Oxford Summer School

Creative Goldwork Embroidery

Monday 8th August for 5 days — Cost: £260

Tutor: Hanny Newton

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Discover a creative approach to metal thread embroidery! This workshop gives you the opportunity to get creative and explore the contemporary possibilities of goldwork techniques - an art form with a rich heritage dating back over 700 years, traditionally having regal and ecclesiastical associations.

On this week long course, you will discover the world of possibilities these beautiful threads hold - threads which have little changed in the way they are made for centuries, and today the making of is an endangered craft, with only two makers left in the UK. We will be exploring traditional techniques such as couching, chipping, and padding, looking at how we can explore these ancient techniques with fresh, modern eyes and ask ‘what happens if..’ breaking rules and discovering our own response to metal threads.

Hanny's workshops are a balance of technique and experimentation, leaving plenty of breathing space for you to find your own response to the historical techniques of goldwork. Throughout the week, you will build up a series of hand embroidery samples, design drawings and small pieces which can become a tool kit of techniques to further your creativity and enhance your practice. We hope you will leave with a head full of ideas, and feeling empowered to explore this or any another technique in your own unique way.

Please Bring with You

Please bring:-

  • Embroidery hoops - between 6” & 12” as preferred - 2 or more hoops suggested
  • Fine tipped embroidery scissors (Please note metal threads may blunt scissors so you may wish to have a dedicated metal thread pair)
  • Half a meter (minimum) of plain calico or similar
  • Sketchbook and small selection of pens / pencils
  • Selection of needles (tutor will provide recommended needles for goldwork, but you may like to bring larger needles if you favour any in particular)
  • Selection of any coloured soft threads / fabrics / beads you may like to experiment with as the course progresses. Tutor will provide a selection too.
  • Seat frame or barrel clamp if preferred to hold hoops.
  • Magnifier or light if required
  • Velvet board (optional - tutor can provide)

Materials Costs to Students

£60 per Student - a good selection of high quality goldwork materials for the week.