Oxford Summer School

Japanese Stab Bound Books

Wednesday 10th August for 1 day — Cost: £52

Tutor: Anne Griffiths

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Japanese Stab Bound Books are perfect for both those who have never made a book before and those who wish to develop there existing skills.

Simple and relatively quick ts make you will complete at least one book during this workshop. We will begin by looking at some traditional Japanese books and begin with the basic binding technique. We will then go on to look at Japanese flutter books. We will go on to investigate and develop more complicated stitched bindings with the addition of beads.

You will leave with the confidence to develop your own unique embroidered patterns for future creations.


  • Lightweight card (old cereal packets, teabag box or greetings card weight) for book covers.
  • Paper for covering the book covers, there are so many beautiful wrapping papers around at the moment – I picked some Indian wrapping paper up from Paperchase, a bit pricey but so gorgeous I couldn't resist. Origami washi paper is good from http://www.thejapaneseshop.co.uk/origami-paper/ for Japanese Stab bound books is nice. You might also recycle old paper bags, maps, sheet music, paper table mats or envelopes.
  • Paper for pages, I have generally used heavy wallpaper lining paper which can be cut to large sizes and can be tea stained, or ordinary photocopying paper is quick and easy for samples and these small books, tracing paper can be a bit different, brown paper, tissue paper.
  • Beads (not too tiny).
  • Bone folder, awl (if you have them), metal ruler, hole punch, cutting mat, craft knife, pencil, paper scissors.
  • Embroidery thread, thin wool, raffia, or fine cord, for joining pages.
  • Range of needle sizes for stitching pages together.
  • Pritt Stick.