Oxford Summer School

Indigo Plus

Friday 12th August for 1 day — Cost: £52

Tutor: Anne Griffiths

This course has limited places

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This is a follow up to the Thursday's Indigo workshop. If you have indigo fabrics completed on another dayschool, you may bring these to overdye discharge and print in a range of blue, golden brown and creams.


  • Indigo dyed fabrics
  • Natural fabrics and threads such as cotton, wool and silk to dye all these will need to have been prewashed to remove any dressing. You may wish to bring fabrics that can be overdyed
  • Bring plenty of light to medium weight cotton to experiment with before you use anything more expensive. You may wish to order some hand rolled silk scarves
  • Plastic bags to take damp cloth home in
  • You should also bring a variety of screws, buttons, washers, bulldog clips, clothes pegs, clamps, rubber bands and string or strong thread/dental floss for tying the cloth before dyeing it. Needle and strong thread. Paint brushes, stamps, roller any markmaking equipment

This will be a messy day, so wear old clothes and overalls, you may also wish to bring rubber gloves.

Materials Costs to Students

£4 to cover materials.