Oxford Summer School

From Truth to Abstraction in Mixed Media

Monday 31st July 2023 for 5 days — Cost: £260

Tutor: Jane Strother

This course has now ended

This course is suitable for intermediate and advanced students.

It is about exploring and developing a process in which a view of reality, be it a still life or photograph, can be encompassed in one’s reflections on the subject: less about the concrete, the technique or reproducing the facts as they are laid out in front of you but about what you can do with these.

What will you do?

You will work from life and your own photos or drawings using a range of drawing and painting media on exercises and studies, developed to support you find an essence, for you, within your subject.

Materials to Bring

You will need plenty of resource material. If you choose landscape, collect a number of images depicting your subject, observed or photographed at different times of day or in different weathers. Print some of these on A4, colour or greyscale.

You will also need objects for still life.

More comprehensive information on materials and equipment to be confirmed, but for now, your will need charcoal, acrylics and other drawing materials. Bring what you can.