Oxford Summer School

Simple Folded Sketchbooks

Saturday 5th August 2023 for 1 day — Cost: £52

Tutor: Amanda Hislop

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A working sketchbook is a wonderful thing, full of personal observations, notes, ideas, and inspiration, to be revisited repeatedly; a springboard for further development or simply a pleasure to look at, as pages take you back to time and place.

This creative one-day workshop using an effective free approach to generating ideas for a working sketchbook, explores personal themes relating to elements within landscape. Using three key words; observation, imagination, and inspiration extract and simplify the lines and forms within the landscape which inspires you. This could be local or further afield, rural or townscape, sea or river, cityscape or industrial or entirely imaginary, the choice is yours to select and explore.

Discover the power of simple line and mark making to develop enticing sketchbook pages which invite the viewer to look further. Begin with loose marks on paper with drawn lines, resist wash and layered tissue to develop a surface to fold and fragment creating a series of accidental abstract images to develop on the pages of a simple folded sketchbook.

Suitable for those who enjoy the challenge of intuitive experimentation, exploration and extension of creative boundaries who have an open mind and a desire to explore. Amanda will guide you through intuitive development of your work with the support of inspirational resources in the form of personal sketchbooks and examples of her work.

Materials costs to students – £5

The following materials will be supplied by your tutor:-

  • A3 paper
  • Wet strength tissue
  • Tea bag paper
  • Black, brown and blue ink
  • PVA glue
  • Chisel pencils
  • Black biros
  • Box of drawing tools

Please Bring

Your tutor will bring a selection of sketchbooks and resources to inspire.

Please bring a small selection of inspirational material relating to elements within landscape to incorporate into your sketchbook. You could choose from the following: a selection of sketches, printed photographs, magazine/newspaper images, artists postcards. You could also bring found objects from your personal choice of landscape, to work from. We will generate material to use in the workshop, so the selection is to use as a starting point; you can also start from your imagination drawing upon visual memory if you wish.

  • Drawing materials of choice; include drawing pens of various thicknesses and preferred colour medium, e.g. Inktense blocks or pencils, neocolour, watercolours, ‘koh I noor’ dye-based colour (sets will be available to use). Please bring colour mediums that you have, you do not need to buy specific materials, just bring those you wish to try out
  • A number 10 or 12 soft round brush to use with colour wash and ink
  • Scissors for use with paper
  • Optional wipes/paper towel for cleaning hands while working
  • Apron/overall