Oxford Summer School

Mixed Media Images

Monday 31st July 2023 for 4 days — Cost: £208

Tutor: Jo Dixon

This course has limited places

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This course is about exploring ways to express observations of colour pattern and texture that surround us, It is designed to encourage your creative expression through experimentation in a relaxed manner to find a personal vision. The development of a theme around which to work, and an awareness of design will structure your work achieving sample ideas to develop or work towards a final piece.

It will offer you an introduction to various materials and an opportunity to explore their possibilities , including paints inks dyes, printmaking with card and polystyrene, designing and cutting stencils and exploring the surface with collage and relief techniques. Each day processes and ideas will be offered giving you the freedom to combine them to produce original images and surfaces. You will produce a range of samples and studies to develop further and have gained increased knowledge and skills in working with mixed media materials and techniques.

It is suitable for beginners or those with some related experience - a joy of colour and an open mind to explore with guidance will be encouraged.

Materials Costs to Students

There will be a supply of basic materials provided by the tutor for the group to use and there will be a cover charge of £12 for this, payable to the tutor at the end of the course. This includes:

  • Acrylic paint (basic colours)
  • Printing ink
  • Print materials
  • PVA glue
  • Modelling paste
  • Oil pastels
  • Basic paper for samples printing and small work


Bring along anything extra that you already have - i.e paints, collage materials, Larger paper etc that you may like to use.

  • Inspirational images/photos
  • Collage materials/magazine ,photocopy paper, assorted scrap papers
  • Apron /old clothes
  • Variety of brushes (any you have)
  • Basic drawing materials; pencils rubber etc.
  • Sketch book or A4 plain cartridge paper (at least 160 g for samples and small work)
  • Watercolour paper - 200 - 300 g (for heavier base for larger work) Optional
  • Craft knife / (scalpel plus blades is recommended)
  • Cutting mat / or thick card or board
  • Mixing palette / old lids
  • Water pot
  • Kitchen roll
  • Bin liner (or plastic for table)
  • Newspaper (if you have any)
  • Scissors

Bring an open mind / see what happens!