Oxford Summer School

Table Top Jewellery Making

Thursday 3rd August 2023 for 2 days — Cost: £104

Tutor: Sara Withers

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Many people would like to try some simple jewellery making but are unsure about starting if there are going to be expensive set up costs. And there are plenty of us with necklaces that need to be restrung, are the wrong length or perhaps need to be remodelled

This course will give you an exploration of jewellery making techniques that don’t involve chemicals, drills or saws. You will learn how work with beads, knotting or threading between them to create necklaces or bracelets. As the course progresses you will learn to use Polymer Clay to make some beads of your own so that you can make your own designs more unique. 

To add to your potential there will be an introduction to jewellery making wires that will build your design potential so that you can make earrings too.

Polymer Clay is a colourful modelling material that can be cooked in a domestic oven. All of the techniques that you will learn can be developed in your home without the need for many tools. Guidance will be given on what you will need and where to buy them. 

Materials Costs to Students

All materials will be supplied by the tutor at a cost of £20.