Oxford Summer School

Caroline Marriott

A friend described me recently as ‘a colourist’ and I think that is a good way of explaining who I am and what I do. I went to university in St Andrews where there was a huge woollen mill with cones of wool in every colour imaginable. I bought quite a few of them and crotcheted stripey sweaters and shawls. At the end of my degree I tried to earn my living selling my work, but my lack of business knowledge soon caused me to go and get a ‘proper’ job.

Eventually I took a teaching course and for many years I combined teaching in school with creating my own work. I learned a great deal about weaving through my involvement in the Big Weave (thebigweave.org), which was a community project with the intention of engaging people to weave together. We took a huge tapestry frame to many different venues, arts events, schools, community groups and encouraged people to join in in creating a community tapestry. Often we had people waiting to have a go so we set up peg looms and weaving sticks to entertain them. So along the way I became a bit of a weaver and began to develop some ideas of my own especially with weaving sticks which are a very accessable form of weaving and have the great advantage of being able to be carried around in a bag.

Since I gave up school teaching I have stitched, weaved and rag rugged, all the time combining wools and fabrics to produce colourful and textural cushions, bags, pictures and dolls.

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Peg Looms and Weaving Sticks Caroline Marriott Mon 8th Aug 3 £156

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