Oxford Summer School


Yvonne McAtamney has owned Village Fabrics in Wallingford for over 20 years and is a familiar face at quilt shows across the country and abroad. She has sewing since childhood making dolls clothes and helping her mother dress make. After many years as a civil servant she let her creative side take over and bought Village Fabrics back in 2002. During that time, she started designing and writing the instructions for the many unique patchwork kits that she introduced into her shop. You may have met Yvonne at one of the many quilt shows she had attended over the years or in more recent times watched her on Sewing Street TV channel. She gives talks and teaches classes at local quilt and WI groups.

She has knitted, crocheted, and sewn since she was a little girl, but patchwork has been her happy place for a long time with the odd trip back to dressmaking for bridesmaids’ dresses for her daughter’s wedding. Her particular interest is in Japanese designs and combining different sewing techniques into her patchwork projects. She loves to hand stitch, a bit of slow stitching on a Sunday afternoon is ideal relaxation.

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